BasicPSF Explainer


The client

BasicData strives to be at the forefront of the I.T. solutions industry. Equipped with extensive expertise and numerous certifications in the field, their primary objective is to empower their clients to achieve their business objectives through exceptional I.T. architecture, flawless execution, and unparalleled customer support.

The brief

To produce an eplainer animation that presents BasicPSF as a software application. The goal was to communicate the software's complex functionalities in an accessible and user-friendly manner and highlight its benefits to organizations and teams. To spark the interest in learning more, ultimately leading to subscription and fostering conversations about the software.

"StoryGround's exceptional team crafted a masterful animation video for our BasicPSF solution, resulting in a significant increase in client engagement and understanding. They're a valuable partner who truly understands the art of storytelling."
Jonathan Hasson, BasicData
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The process

To explore the technology and user experience of BasicPSF, we began with client meetings to understand the key messaging and story. We then engaged in brainstorming sessions to establish an on-brand tone of voice, develop a script, conceptualize the visuals, create storyboards, build an animatic slideshow, produce a voice-over, and carefully select suitable music. These steps were essential in crafting a seamless animation that effectively communicates the core message and story.

The result