Sneh Sneaker Wash

Amaphanda Asekasi

The client

Sinethemba Mgwetana just started his career as a professional soccer player at the Ubuntu Football Academy, but when the first lockdown came into effect football stadiums were closed and Sinethemba saw his dream as a soccer player disappear.

As all hope was lost Sinethemba came up with the idea to wash his neighbours sneakers for money. Soon his neighbours started referring other community members to him, to the point where he started a business that we now know as - Sneh SnkrWash.

Sinethemba has two staff members who are both still in high school. The trio hopes to expand the business to other townships and create job opportunities for the youth. Sneh SnrkWash has grown exponentially and they've partnered with the 24h Laundry in Stellenbosch. The partnership offers those who stay far away from Kayamandi a drop-off point to get the best sneaker wash service in town.

The brief

Sinethemba was the second video we shot as part of the Amaphanda asekasi series. We were searching for individuals who had opened small businesses during the COVID lockdown, in order to create promotional videos for them free of charge. Our aim was to assist them in promoting their businesses through social media and other platforms.

No items found.

The process

Sinethemba reached out to us, as he was looking for ways to expand his small business both within his own community and in other communities as well. He was the perfect candidate because he harbored dreams of becoming a soccer player. However, due to the COVID restrictions, he had to temporarily set aside his dreams and focus on alternative ways to support himself and provide for his family.

The result